I grew up in the city of Miami for most of my life. I’ve been exposed to all the best hot spots of my city since I was a child so I can confidently be able to say that I know my way around. Miami is a great area for tourists and for people to want to live their life their permanently.  My blog will show the lifestyle, the food, and the best hotspots to visit. Additionally, I will be including the Cuban culture Miami has to offer. I want to give Intel on places that are the small business but hold a great creditability. Some aspects of my blog will be either associated with my younger target audience while there will be sections of my blog for the older target audience. However, most importantly, my blog will consist of posts that both audiences can partake in. The reason doing this is that my blog can grasp multiple audiences that they can either do activities with people along their age group or can do with an array of different ages.